Update: Indy™ Designer Series Gen 6

Launch Date: October 28, 2019

The new generation Indy Designer Series is here, with a brand new light engine that delivers a minimum of 15% better efficacy. Generation 6 of the Designer Series uses an improved light engine while maintaining all the key features that make these luminaires irresistible to high end specifiers:

  • Deep source regression with a 40° visual cutoff
  • Soft reflector finishes with performance reminiscent of the traditional halogen light sources
  • Sophisticated wall wash design with high uniformity light and even illumination very high up on the wall
  • Round, square, flanged and flangeless configurations
  • Platform design that is backward compatible making it seamless to convert an existing lighting layout with older generation luminaires to the latest generation in the line

Nomenclature for the generation 6 is denoted by a “G6” on the catalog number. The transition to this light engine starts now. Orders with the old generation nomenclature will be accepted while supplies of the older light engines are available. Once all components are depleted orders will be converted to the new generation 6.


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