New IOTA® IP-Rated Emergency Drivers for Damp, Wet, and NSF!

January 15, 2022 Daren Hatfield

Designed to Perform in Extreme Conditions

IOTA® ILBDW Series Emergency Drivers bring confident emergency egress capability to luminaires in damp, wet, and food preparation spaces. The ILBDW emergency driver features a heavy duty enclosure and test switch that is IP66-rated and NSF-certified for food and beverage safety. 

The damp/wet capability, combined with additional performance features, makes the IOTA ILBDW Series the optimal solution for achieving emergency lighting requirements in these demanding applications. The ILBDW design includes:

  • IP-rated enclosure and IP-rated test accessory
  • Durable, water-tight PVC conduit for connecting to the luminaire
  • Constant Power output for easily-specifiable, non-diminishing emergency illumination
  • Self-Diagnostics for automatic monthly and annual testing
  • High-efficiency design for use in CA Title 20 applications

View our ILBDW resources to learn more about ILBDW models and options:

ILBDW CP10 10W output for 15-55VDC: Webpage | Spec Sheet
ILBDW CP15 15W output for 15-55VDC: Webpage | Spec Sheet
ILBDW CP20 HV 20W output for 55-200VDC: Webpage | Spec Sheet

Additional ILBDW Materials:
IOTA ILBDW Series Flipbook

To learn more about IOTA Emergency Lighting Solutions, visit or call us at 1-800-866-4682.

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