Understanding UGR to Create a Visually Comfortable Environment

November 23, 2020 Jerrice Cuvilly

In the October 2020 edition of LD+A magazine James Eads, Manager, Lighting Design/Applications Engineering at Acuity Brands Lighting authored an article entitled “UGR on the Rise.” The article discusses the Unified Glare Rating (UGR) metric in-depth including how to use this metric by application instead of using a product-based approach to determine which lighting provides visual comfort for occupants.

Lighting customers and end-users are seeking and expecting solutions that will aid in creating sustained productivity while emphasizing comfort and health. Glare emitted from lighting is one of the major concerns that can reduce productivity.  Combatting glare from luminaires is one of the key measures to improve the visual comfort of lighting in spaces and create a more productive environment.

The lighting industry uses UGR rating levels to convey the best application for luminaires, so that lighting designers and specifiers can deliver healthier environments that meet WELL Building Institute guidelines and the IES recommendations for creating comfortable spaces.

Utilizing this commonly used UGR methodology is just one step to ensure lighting is visually comfortable for occupants and workers. According to James, relying on the core principles of lighting design in addition to UGR methodology will help to create a visually comfortable space:

  • Through the selection of the appropriate form factor luminaires
  • Building layers of lighting
  • Satisfying IES recommendations which are provided to offer sound guidance in the lighting design process

Click here to read James Eads full article in the October 2020 issue of LD+A Magazine. 

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