Required Update to Visual Lighting software (2.11.0062)

This is an notification that a required update to the Visual Lighting software is now available for download.

Why is a new release of the Visual Lighting software required?

A security update to the Visual web servers requires all users to download and install a new release of the Visual Lighting software. Any version of Visual Lighting software before and including release 2.11.0058 will not activate and cloud-based product selection will not be available.

Where can I download the new release of Visual Lighting software?

The new Visual Lighting 2020 (2.11.0062) setup is available for download at this link.

Any recommendations for optimizing the Visual Lighting software?

  1. Uninstall all previous versions of Visual Lighting software from your computer. Link to the related video.
  2. Close all other programs on your computer and then install the new 2.11.0062 release.
  3. Setup Visual Lighting software to use a dedicated video card for optimal graphic performance.  Link to the related video.


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