D-Series Flood Size 2 – Now Delivers 17,000 Lumens and Offers New Slipfitter and MVOLT Photocell

June 7, 2021 Jeri Lee Fraga

The DSXF2 upgrade offers a “power punch” of lumens allowing it to replace 400W Metal Halide floodlights.   

D-Series LED floodlights offer a site-wide floodlighting solution for architectural and general-purpose needs featuring a uniform selection across all three sizes. D-Series floodlights provide 3,000 to 27,000 lumens and include a large breadth of photometric distributions, mountings, color temperatures, and other options to meet the vast project needs of specifiers and contractors. All combined, the D-Series allows for proper scale in application, providing all configurations necessary to design and light the entire site. Check out the new D-Series Floodlight brochure for more detailed information.

What's new...? The DSXF2 now delivers up to 17,000 lumens allowing it to replace 400W Metal Halide. This results in a lower price and lighter weight product when used to replace 400W MH.

New Features:

  • DSXF2 now provides 17,000+ lumens and will qualify for DLC premium and standard (pending)
  • New (IS) adjustable slipfitter design available on DSXF1 and DSXF2; features an integral splice box for connections
  • MVOLT button photocell available on DSXF1 and DSXF2
  • Transitioning to new color packaging for use on displays at distributor stores
  • BAA compliant, assembled in the United States, providing uncompromising quality with a reliable supply chain and quick delivery


D-Series Photometric Distributions
Seven precision optics offer vast design capabilities and allow for complete front-to-back site design.


D-Series Mountings and Accessories:
All DSXF floodlights offer the same mountings, options, and accessories, allowing for consistent and easy site design.

Configurable options combined with in-stock solutions allow D-Series floodlights to be a go-to solution for specification and everyday floodlighting needs.

Quick Links:

D-Series Flood Family Page
 Product Page & Photometry | Specification Sheet
DSXF2 Product Page & Photometry | Specification Sheet
DSXF3 Product Page & Photometry | Specification Sheet

D-Series Flood Family Brochure
Product Presentation – customer version

Contact your local Acuity Brands Representative for more information!

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