Update to Visual Lighting 2020 now available

May 11, 2020

An update to Visual Lighting 2020 (2.10.0042) is now available and resolves the following issues:

  • Incorrect scale when importing CAD files set to Architectural units
  • Text size too small when exporting CAD file from Design Environment
  • Exporting a CAD file from Print Editor could be at different scale and generate additional symbols
  • Unable to import a CAD file with Open Project from the Start Screen
  • Unable to import a Sketchup file
  • Turning on Photometric Webs did not work when inserting a new product
  • Photometric Webs size increased in Print Editor
  • Linear luminaire configurations have alternating optical spin
  • Luminaires with extremely asymmetric distributions may result in incorrect calculated values
  • Unable to edit Views with duplicate names
  • Recent Files list not always saved

Please download the latest update to Visual Lighting 2020 (2.10.0042). This setup will overwrite older releases of Visual Lighting 2020 but will not overwrite Visual Lighting 2017.

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