Changes in Visual Lighting 2020

February 19, 2020

While the Visual Lighting 2020 software has an updated interface, the functionality is similar to previous releases. The following is a list of key changes to the interface.

  • Side panels now exist on both the left and right side of the design space. These panels can be collapsed or expanded by the user to adjust the design area. Collapsing both side panels will maximize the design space and is beneficial when using a laptop.
  • The left side panel includes a View Manager and a Design Manager. The View Manager is used to save views and switch to a desired view. The Design Manager includes a list of all objects in the design. Click an object in the Design Manager to select it in the design space.
  • The Schedule now includes a Lumen Multiplier column to allow you to compensate for changes to the luminaire output not related to a change to the light loss factor.
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