Announcing Visual Controls 2020

February 19, 2020

Visual Controls 2020 includes new features and updates to improve your design process. Please review some of the key features below: 

Smart Room 

Smart Room recommends products for the selected application and code based on the nLight Design Guides. Simply define the room requirements, draw the room and then place the products when prompted on screen. The products are automatically connected with the appropriate wire type. 

Smart Connect 

Smart Connect automatically selects the optimal wire connection for the selected devices. If the command cannot detect the wire type, you are prompted to selected the preferred wire type, your selection can be saved for future connections.  

Display Modes 

Display modes allow you to analyze different aspects of your project to support the accuracy of the design. 

  • Layer View - Displays the objects based on the layers settings   

  • Room View – Displays rooms as shaded so you can quickly find any missing rooms  

  • SOO Assignment View – Displays a color coded SOO Assignment for each room assigned to a Sequence Of Operations  

  • Bridge Connection View – Displays products color coded by their associated bridge connection 

  • Product Category View - Displays products of the same type in the same color  

SOO Assignment 

Select SOO Assignment in the Project Manager displays a list of rooms with an SOO assignment and any rooms missing an SOO assignment. Selecting a room in the list displays and highlights the room in your design.  


You can view a video of some changes in Visual Controls 2020 software:


You can download Visual Controls 2020 software at the Visual website.

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