Updates to Visual Controls 2020

An update to Visual Controls 2020 (1.7.026) is now available and resolves the following issues.

  • Supplemental pages duplicated 
  • Add new favorites group as subgroup of selected node
  • Favorites deleting themselves when moving them
  • Updating label does not update symbol until you
  • Printing Riser with long room name runs off page
  • Submittal package missing nLight Air section
  • Custom colors not saving in layers
  • Changing homerun layer or pages changes what NECY a devices is connected to
  • Changing Wire Length Multiplier does not stick
  • Cross Design - Copied Design is not connecting nECY devices
  • improved air room riser sorting
  • Issues with nlight enabled luminaire riser
  • SOO Note column can no longer be typed in
  • Risers not showing up in submittal
  • Connection Rules don't Copy when copying a product
  • Room not stopping all sensor patterns

Please download the latest update to Visual Controls 2020 (1.7.026). 

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