Automatic Start Level (ASL) Available with WSX D

December 30, 2019

Meet code compliance with the Automatic Start Level (ASL) option, now available with the Sensor Switch WSX D. With the ASL option, lighting loads will start at a 50% illumination level upon occupancy detection as required by IECC 2015/2018 C405. and ASHRAE 90.1-2013[c].

Add ASL with other order options like passive dual technology (PDT) for occupancy recognition using both passive infrared (PIR) and MicrophonicsTM for best-in-class detection and added versatility. 

You can also configure sensor settings with the VLP option for Visible Light Programming, using the Sensor Switch Mobile App which allows you to adjust trim levels, occupancy time delays, dim to off delay and adaptive photocell .


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Updated! Sensor Switch USPOM Product List

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