New! WALLP Decorative Screwless Wall Plates

WALLP Decorative Screwless Wall Plates

The WALLP Series of single gang and dual gang wall plates from SensorSwitch™ offer a convenient way to enhance the design of any space. In both new construction and renovation applications, wall plates provide a decorative accent that adds style and contrast to walls. SensorSwitch wall plates continue to deliver the modern elegance shown in its line of new aesthetic wall switches and provide just the right amount of style while complementing the space. Design does not compromise function, as each wall plate is made from a tough thermoplastic material that can withstand high impact without breakage.   


Aesthetic Appeal and Functional: available in six matte color finishes: white, ivory, gray, light almond, black and red 

Tough, High Impact Resistant Design: Two-piece solution: each wall plate includes both a Screwless Snap-on Cover and Sub-Plate, providing additional protection from shock or damage 


Key Applications: 

  • Classroom

  • Healthcare Facilities 

  • Retail  

  • Conference Rooms 

  • Open Offices 

  • Industrial Spaces 

  • Private Offices 

  • And More!  


Learn more about SensorSwitch Wall Plates by clicking the links below:  


The WALLP Series is designed to be compatible with multiple SensorSwitch and nLight® product families, providing the flexibility you need when designing a space!




Have questions? Contact the Product Manager!  

Steven Downs 

Product Market Manager 

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