Legacy Juno® Residential Recessed Fixtures Discontinuation Notice

February 4, 2020 Kimberly Cole

The demand for Juno Residential Recessed housings and trims using traditional sources has declined due to the market migrating to LED technology. As a result, various legacy Juno Residential Recessed CFL housings and trims, low voltage and incandescent 8” and 10” square fixtures will be discontinued. Any remaining inventory for these products has been moved to the clearance file and can be ordered while supplies last.  

Specific products to be discontinued are listed below:

4” CFL series: ICPL4, ICPL4R, PL4, PL4R

5” CFL series: ICPL5, ICPL5R, PL5, PL5R

6” CFL series: ICPL6, ICPL6R, PL6, PL6R

6” CFL Slope Ceiling series: ICPL926, ICPL926R, ICPL928, ICPL928R

CFL specific trims: 140 series, 170 series, 218 series, 219 series, 2320 series, 220 series, 271 series

CFL field installable emergency lighting kits: PLKE, PLKECN

4” 75W Low Voltage Housings: TC47 Series

6” Low Voltage Housings: TC45, TC46

6” Low Voltage Trim series: 454, 457, 458, 464, 467

8” Square Housings and Trim: IC6, TC6, 60 WH

10” Square Housings and Trims: IC7, TC7, 70 WH, 71 WH

As an alternate to the discontinued fixture series above, please consider the Juno Recessed dedicated LED downlights. A cross reference is provided here to assist with the catalog number crossover of the discontinued products to the recommended LED product series.


If you have any questions, please contact,

Darcie Callison, Director, Product Market – Residential and Light Commercial Downlighting and Track





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