TDD LED Area Light Upgrade

June 23, 2017 Tom Pierce

Launch Date: June 23, 2017

TDD LED Now With Twice the Light and a
Full Cutoff Shield

Upgraded with more than twice the light output of the original TDD LED, the new 30W TDD LED is Energy Star compliant saving up to 75% of the energy of existing 70W HPS or 100W MH luminaires.  Great power requires great control, and the TDD LED is now equipped with a full cutoff shield reducing light pollution and light trespass onto neighboring properties.

The TDD LED is a perfect solution for a variety of area lighting applications such as barn lighting, storage garages, security lighting and many others. 

Quick facts that you need to know about this product:

  • Now providing 3,096 lumens providing twice the light

  • Perfect for security lighting, barn lights, storage garages and many other applications

  • Only 35W replaces 70W HPS or 100W MH luminaires

  • Up to 75% energy savings

  • Long life with no relamping

  • New full cutoff shield

Stock CI Codes:

  • TDD LED P1 40K 120 PE DNA M4cicode *240HEP

  • TDD2 LED P1 50K 120 PER DNA M4 cicode *240HEV

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