IOTA® IIS 125 Mini Inverter Now Features Increased Inrush Capacity

April 23, 2021 Daren Hatfield

IOTA IIS 125 with Inrush Capacity

The IIS 125 Mini Inverter now features increased inrush capacity for added performance when used with LED loads! This means the IIS 125 SM and IIS 125 CG can be fully loaded to its rated capacity (125W) and does not need to be de-rated to anticipate the initial power draw prevalent in LED fixtures. Common installation practices de-rate non-NEMA 410 rated products by 20% to prevent inverters from shutting down to overload when encountering this inrush spike. This practice is no longer necessary with IIS 125 models!

For more information on dealing with inrush, read our Technical Article!

IIS 125 Product Information

IIS 125 SM 125W Surface Mount Inverter:  Webpage | Specification Sheet
IIS 125 CG 125W Ceiling Grid Inverter:  Webpage | Specification Sheet

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