Updated nLight® IECC 2021 and Title 24 2022 Applications Guides to Meet New UL Emergency Standards

UL emergency lighting controls standards are getting an update. We’ve updated our EM solution for nLight AIR, so you’re ready.

The nLight® Title 24 2022 and IECC 2021 applications guides have been updated with our EM solutions for nLight AIR. They are now available for digital download on the nLight page and the Acuity Store.

       nLight Title 24 2022 Applications Guide                  nLight IECC 2021 Applications Guide


The nLight applications guides are designed to facilitate quicker and easier lighting controls solutions to aid in complying with IECC 2021 and Title 24 2022 code using nLight lighting controls.

The applications guides provide:

  • An overview of the code requirements for lighting controls
  • Help to apply the code to the different project types and application spaces
  • nLight lighting controls usage on IECC 2021 and Title 24 2022 code projects

Specify and design a comprehensive lighting controls solution that aids in code compliance and is built on the proven and reliable system you know and trust, nLight®.

For more information, visit the nLight page.

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