MARK Architectural Lighting is a Sustainability Company

MARK Architectural Lighting™ is driving toward a more sustainable future with a focus on technological advances and resource management.  Everyone cares, MARK takes action!

MARK Architectural Lighting is a Sustainability Company

MARK Architectural Lighting places a high value on our environment and our communities.  Our utilization of the most efficient light sources paired with cutting edge driver technology ensures that our luminaires offer the most energy efficient solutions available. 

Commitment to Sustainability

As a result of Acuity Brands projected 2020 to 2030 sales of LED luminaires, controls, and building systems over less efficient sources and systems, customers will avoid as many as 100 million metric tons of carbon emissions.  Emissions from MARK operations are balanced by energy reduction efforts, carbon offsets, and investments in renewable energy certificates.  The result is 100% carbon neutrality.

Sustainable Design Through Material Transparency

We at MARK Architectural Lighting continuously review our manufacturing process for potential environmental consequences.  We strive to avoid any adverse impact on the environment.  Our products are designed to minimize raw materials, to avoid environmentally hazardous components, and to operate as efficiently as technology will allow.

How We Make Our MARK

MARK Architectural Lighting leads in the development of technology and sustainable lighting practices.  We engage industry partners to discover new ways to save energy, conserve resources, and avoid harm. 

Through our work with organizations like the California Energy Alliance and the Illuminating Engineering Society, we work to produce the best luminaires for our environment. 

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