STACK and STACK Prime Are Now Available!

STACK™ and STACK Prime™ are available for order TODAY! 

The STACK Family is now complete! These four performance-tiered solutions were designed to help you win at every level, all while sharing a commitment to performance and versatility. By now you might already know the other members of the STACK Family, STACK Pack and STACK Switch, but it's time to officially meet the more configurable siblings, STACK and STACK Prime.


STACK is the namesake of the family. It is highly configurable and designed to be the next-generation lay-in luminaire from Lithonia Lighting®. The thin profile and integrated driver box make it great for restrictive plenum spaces. There are countless configurations available, including both wired and wireless embedded controls through our nLight® platform, or single room wireless controls with SensorSwitch™ JOT.   

STACK Prime is the premium option in the product family. It boasts superior performance, efficiency, and visual comfort, bringing an even higher aesthetic with integrated trim rings and three rows of LEDs for a fully illuminated lens without any bright spots. This product was designed to help you go after those next-level specification requirements.

Feature Sets

STACK Pack, STACK Switch and STACK all share the following features:  


STACK Prime steps up the game! 






STACK Cut Highlighting 1 Row of LEDs                     STACK Cut Highlighting 3 Rows of LEDs 

Quick Links

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STACK Family Brochure
STACK Family Comparison Chart
STACK Family Video


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