SensorSwitch™ WSRA Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor

SensorSwitch™ is pleased to introduce a new wall switch occupancy sensor, the WSRA.  This beautiful wall switch with its screwless wall plate design is easy to install and looks beautiful on the wall. The WSRA Series is the perfect solution for residential and light commercial applications!
Aesthetic Appeal and Functional
The screwless wall plate achieves a polished, modern look without the hassle of a permanent snap on design and is available in white and ivory.
Vacancy is a wonderful feature as the sensor will recognize when the room/space is unoccupied and after a specified length of time the lights will turn off.
2P Fan
The WSRA 2P FAN is a wall switch sensor with a Passive Infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor to control lighting and an exhaust fan all in one wall switch.
Title 24
The WSRA wall switch occupancy aids in Title 24 code compliance.  

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Dennis Hoskins
Senior Product Market Manager

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