Atrius Navigator - Indoor Positioning and Location-based Platform Service SDK

November 16, 2017

New! Atrius™ Navigator - Indoor positioning and location-based platform service Crafting Customer Journeys

Launch date: October 6, 2017

Description: Atrius Navigator platform service Software Development Kit (SDK) unlocks location-based (LBS) and indoor positioning services (IPS) within mobile applications. Acquiring data from your Atrius Sensory Network, Atrius Navigator delivers precise, cost-effective indoor positioning solutions, enabling applications that redefine customer journeys and enhance business operations.


> Design Applications – Atrius Navigator enables the development of mobile applications using indoor positioning and location-based services, such as: point of interest search, wayfinding (blue-dot navigation), proximity marketing and point of interest notifications, geo-fencing triggers and more

> Effortless IoT with the Atrius Sensory Network – Luminaires enabled with Atrius become your all-in-one technology and network deployment for your indoor and adjacent outdoor environments. Embedded Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) and/or Visible Light Communication (VLC) technologies eliminate the need for additional installation and maintenance of communication beacons.

> Easy Setup and Management – Atrius Admin web-based administration tool, simplifies development of your applications, including setting action zones, maintaining venue layouts, managing multi-site requirements and user roles

> Enhance Customer Journeys – Enable real-time indoor positioning services within 10 cm to 3-meter accuracy based on selected technology and deployment

> Connect with Customers – Design precise, real-time location-based interactions with customers and associates

> Improve Operations – Develop new or integrate with existing business systems to bring additional efficiency to store operations, by capturing in-store operations data and transforming workflows such as buy online pick up in store

> Cross Platform SDK – Support for Apple™ iOS 8.0+ and Android™ 5.0+ versions


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