Introducing Lithonia® Linear: A product as strong and simple as its name.

Lithonia® Linear was designed with simplicity in mind.

The 1st fixture from Lithonia Lighting® specifically crafted to suspend in open ceiling spaces, Lithonia® Linear (LL) has a minimalist design that can effortlessly span 8 feet or 16 feet in a single run for schools, offices or retail spaces looking to accommodate large footprints.


Why does lighting have to be complicated? LL offers the ability to tackle renovations or new construction with open ceilings easily. Pick between 2 sizes, whether you want your power drop on the end or at the center and your lumen package and color temperature of choice. Just that easy!


If you think ordering LL is easy, try installing it. A center power drop LL has 3 pieces and 4 screws for assembly, and the LL with end power drop only has 2 pieces and 4 screws. Mounting brackets slide across entire fixture for ultimately flexibility. LL can be installed in as little as 1 minute per foot. Seriously! See how, HERE



Modern lighting designs shouldn’t demand expensive, cumbersome fixtures. That’s why LL honors the Lithonia Lighting® promise to be The Best Value in Lighting®. When strips aren’t appropriate and architectural fixtures offer bells and whistles you don’t need, think Lithonia® Linear!


Want to see if Lithonia® Linear is perfect for your project? Click HERE!

Detailed information including videosinstallation animations and access to a digital brochure are available through the link above.

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