Lithonia Lighting® XPoint Wireless™ Product Discontinuation Notice

June 22, 2021 Hannah Higerd

The following fluorescent products/families are being phased out. End of new sales and planned discontinuation will be effective June 30, 2021 Recommended alternatives are readily available from Acuity Brands via our ever-expanding nLight® platform.

Product Series Description
FOB High Bay 
FAL High Bay 
FAL12 High Bay 
FAL16 High Bay 
FAL4 High Bay 
FGB114 High Bay 
FGB118 High Bay 
FGB14 High Bay 
FGB164 High Bay 
FGB168 High Bay 
FGB18 High Bay 
FGB24 High Bay 
FGB28 High Bay 
FGB324 High Bay 
FHI4 High Bay 
FHI8 High Bay 
IBZ High Bay 
TIBZ High Bay 
IB  High Bay 
AF Linear 
AF10 Linear 
AFC Linear 
AFP Linear 
AFPC Linear 
AFPST Linear 
AFST Linear 
EJ Linear 
2EJ Linear 
EJD Linear 
EJS Linear 
EJSA Linear 
MS5HB Linear 
TMS5HB Linear 
TMS5HBST Linear 
MS8 Linear 
TMS8 Linear 
TMS8ST Linear 
PV Linear 
TMW8 Linear 
Z Linear 
TZ Linear 
UN Linear 
2UN Linear 
UND Linear 
UNS Linear 
ZLSTA Linear 
FEM 2 Linear 
FEM 4 Linear 
FEM 8 Linear 
FHE Linear 
VAP Linear 
VRT Linear 
2VRT Linear 
WRT Linear 
2WRT Linear 


Should open orders or long-term project specifications into mid-2021 or later exist, please contact your Acuity Design and Application Services team to consider system re-design or crossover. 

For any field replacements of the above products under warranty, please submit the appropriate warranty claim and contact Acuity for assistance.

We are confident that nLight® AIR products will meet your present and future needs and would like to start converting customers over as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact our XPoint Wireless support team at or by phone at 800-535-2465. 

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