Industrial LED high bay with integrated occupancy sensors? We have them!

September 29, 2017


Introducing the I-BEAM® IBG Configurable LED High Bay

When looking for industrial lighting with a wide variety of options look no further than the I-BEAM® family of LED high bays from Lithonia Lighting®. The versatile I-BEAM IBG LED high bay boasts a single base platform design that covers basic applications all the way to complex environments, including unconditioned spaces.

I-BEAM IBG LED high bay is available with wired and wireless control options including an integrated Sensor Switch® Haleon sensor that provides remote programmability. The Haleon sensor allows customers to customize occupancy detection, dimming, and daylight harvesting at the fixture level from their warehouse floor. This high bay fixture can be found with narrow, general, wide and focus distributions and surge protection comes standard.

Our customers say the result is maximum performance and options at the lowest possible cost.

What is Haleon? It’s the fixture integrated occupancy sensor with a dimming photocell, making the high bays with this technology ideal for standalone industrial lighting control applications. HALEON’s small footprint enables seamless integration into the luminaire without disrupting aesthetics or requiring additional mounting space. You may be asking, “Does it have a mobile device app?” and you guessed it- yes it does! With the Acuity VLP mobile device app using Flash Programing or optional Bluetooth communication the sensor is optimized to perform at a variety of mounting heights typical of industrial applications. A stow-able lens shield can be positioned to mask areas where detection is not needed.

Want more information? Please visit:

IBG High Bay product page

Haleon Fixture Integrated Occupancy Sensor with Dimming Photocell

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