Full Circle® LED for Boundless Creativity

August 25, 2017 LeaAnn Schmidt

Boundless creativity and infinite design options. Anything a designer can imagine is brought to life with Full Circle® LED technology.

The Full Circle LED, from Mark Architectural Lighting™, brings a designer’s sketchpad to life.  Available as circular luminaires, arc sections or straight sections, Full Circle makes your vision a reality. By combining these luminaires, the possibilities in design are endless with unique shapes for your ceiling. And, lighting comes full circle with integrated nLight® controls that are as brilliant as the luminaire itself.

•  Full Circle LED luminaires are available as Circular luminaires, Arc Sections or Straight Sections
•  Circles with diameters from 2’ to 20’ nominal
•  Arc-shaped segments with radii from 1' to 10' nominal
•  Straight segments with lengths from 2' to 8' nominal and continuous rows
•  Regressed lens option available
•  Acuity Controls nLight® enabled
•  Smooth, flicker-free, and deep dimming performance
•  A+ Certified™ solutions from Acuity Brands help you quickly and confidently select and implement lighting systems that are both compatible and consistent.

Full Circle® LED Brochure

Link to CircLe Luminaire Product Page

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