Dust, Vandalism and Moisture? Not a problem, meet our new recessed LED Troffers

August 22, 2017 Anabel Foucart

If walls could talk you’d find out that lots of things happen we do not necessarily plan. Schools, locker rooms, recreational facilities and similar demanding environment applications require lighting products that are robust and feature a wet location listing. They should be engineered to withstand many imaginable and unimaginable situations-  think supervised behavioral centers, isolated areas, food processing…

Great- now I have your attention! I’d like to introduce you to the specially designed WRTL and VRTL recessed LED troffers from Lithonia Lighting® - they are up for any challenge. Get the efficiency and reliability of LEDs in a vapor-tight or vandal-resistant recessed troffer.

The WRTL LED and VRTL LED are available in 1’x4’, 2’x2’ and 2’x4’ sizes and are suitable for both in-ceiling and lay-in grid installations. Numerous lumen packages, fixture sizes and Acuity Controls options enable energy savings, wireless networking and versatility.

So what’s the difference between the WRTL and the VRTL LED troffers?

The WRTL LED is wet location listed for applications where moisture and dust are a concern. For food processing, an NSF option allows the WRTL LED fixture to be rated NSF Splash Zone 2. Both inset and overlapping aluminum door designs are available with a frosted acrylic diffuser to meet many unique requirements. The WRTL LED housing is made from 20-gauge cold-rolled steel for strength and durability.

The VRTL LED is vandal-resistant and built for tough, physically abusive environments. Its rugged design includes a polycarbonate lens and tamper-resistant fasteners. Its heavy-duty, 18-gauge cold rolled steel-framed door and 20-gauge steel housing protects the fixture from negligence and physical damage. The VRTL LED is damp location rated with a wet location rating as an upgrade option.

Want to find out more? Visit us here to learn more about the WRTL LED and the VRTL LED.



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