You Should Design Your Next Space with SLOT 1: Here's Why

Our built environments are complex. Interior technologies are programmed for individualized control; office spaces function as a creative powerhouse, collaborative hub and workplace; mixed-use developments support the “live, work, play” lifestyle of the 21st century. So, it’s no surprise that from lighting to appliances, multiple manufacturers are constantly seeking ways to provide greater functionality with their products.

Lighting isn’t any different. As more functionality is demanded from lighting, it's no surprise that some lighting solutions can be overwhelming to specify and complicated to install.

A simple solution is possible. The new SLOT 1 from Mark Architectural Lighting™ is easy to specify and install, bringing your vision to life with a simple line of light.

  • 4 forms: Pendant, Surface, Wall and Recessed
  • 3 standard finishes: Black, Silver and White
  • 3 drop lens options: .5-in., 1-in. and 1.5-in.
  • 4 direct distributions: Batwing, Lambertian, Wall Graze and Wall Wash
  • 2 indirect distributions: Batwing and Lambertian

Simplified installation with SLOT 1 is powered by the Modulus™ low voltage distributed power and control system. Using a single head unit for powering a luminaire run of up to 32 feet versus requiring a unit every eight feet, Modulus reduces the total cost of ownership, streamlining costs from hardware and installation including labor and materials.

But there’s more reasons why SLOT 1 is a simple solution. See the simplicity of SLOT 1.

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