Here's Why SLOT 1 is the Ideal Luminaire for Linear Lighting

Easy installation. Outstanding quality. Elegant aesthetics. From architects to building owners, stakeholders within the lighting industry have multiple needs from their lighting. But not every luminaire delivers it all.

Architects and interior designers often want a design-driven fixture that disappears into or enhances the architecture, without interrupting the flow of a space. Lighting designers and electrical engineers expect quality of light, delivering soft, even lighting across a space. Contractors desire a fixture that’s easy and simple to install, saving time on a jobsite. Building owners want stunning, on-trend aesthetics, easy maintenance and energy efficiency. And the occupants of a space expect soft lighting and intuitive controls.

The ideal luminaire for linear lighting delivers it all. Here’s why SLOT 1 from Mark Architectural Lighting™ is the ideal luminaire for your next linear lighting project.

  1. Color is even more accurate – at 90 CRI.

Colors under SLOT 1 don’t appear the same as they would under natural sunlight – but it’s pretty close. At 90 CRI, SLOT 1 delivers the brilliant illumination of linear lighting twice its size, providing exceptional visual comfort and lighting distribution.

  1. Miniaturization has its consequences, but the trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

LED makes it possible for luminaires to be smaller, but the components of a luminaire must be even smaller. And while the size and quality of an LED driver determines the size of the luminaire, reducing the size of a driver often leads to poor quality of light and flickering.  

SLOT 1 features the Modulus™ low voltage distributed power and control system that includes eldoLED® drivers. And with its best-in-class efficiencies, SLOT 1 performs within the recommended operating areas for flicker as a function of frequency and modulation outlined in IEEE Standard 1789-2015, in typical operating conditions at representative dimming levels.

  1. Small apertures really can mitigate glare.

Often as apertures get smaller, glare becomes a greater concern. SLOT 1 is thoughtfully crafted linear lighting that manages brightness and mitigates glare. For recessed fixtures, a regressed lens option conceals the light source while creating a soft aesthetic across the ceiling. For all fixtures (recessed, pendant, surface and wall), a deep cell baffle shields one’s view of the aperture by concealing the light source.

  1. Easy installation and emergency planning actually do exist.

With Modulus in SLOT 1, a single power drop for up to every 32 feet reduces complexity and time on the jobsite, simplifying the design and installation of lighting solutions. And a single battery and inverter or switch-over devices is used at the beginning of the linear system. This configuration allows for a distributed emergency system setup, so the entire fixture can provide additional emergency functionality, using less energy and providing a more uniformly lit space when needed.

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