SPX Available with NanoPrismatix™ (LUGR) Lens

August 19, 2022 Jeri Lee Fraga

The superior comfort of SPX NanoPrismatix™ (LUGR) lens offers a glare-free and balanced illumination within any space.

The feature-rich, recessed ambient SPX luminaire is leading the way with its 3D capabilities. These features, along with the latest technology and visual interest capabilities, make SPX the best Lithonia Lighting® lay-in for low UGR. When choosing our visually comfortable NanoPrismatix™ (LUGR) lens, a glare rating as low as 14 can be achieved! Low UGR offers balanced illumination within the space, aiding in occupant relief from discomfort glare, while also excelling in the evolving industry requirements like DLC V5.1 ratings and WELL Building Standards.

Reducing glare has challenged the industry on how we design optics across the breadth of our products. UGR, or Unified Glare Rating, is simply a mathematical representation that helps us better quantify glare by controlling the distribution and pulling the light down, thus reducing the amount of light within the 60–90° zones, while concentrating illumination into the lower zones (0–60°). 

Superior comfort means less strain in the space, where occupants never have to think about lighting while they are focusing on the task at hand.

Check out the SPX LUGR values along with additional resources linked below:

NanoPrismatix™ LUGR Values of SPX 2X4 @ 3500K
80CRI / 3000L Crosswise – 14.5  /  Endwise – 14.9
90CRI / 3000L Crosswise – 14.2  /  Endwise – 14.3

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