Don't Replace, RELIGHT!

February 9, 2023 Hannah Higerd




Relight Retrofit Kits from Lithonia Lighting® Provide Solutions for Sustainability

The New Year means New Resolutions, so it’s a great time for building owners to convert old fluorescents to LED! Make 2023 the year we take a big bite out of all those old, inefficient and outdated ballast and tube systems still running out there. For renovation projects, the most cost effective and sustainable solution is a Relight Retrofit Kit from Lithonia Lighting. Don’t just replace – retrofit and repurpose with Relight!


Why Retrofit instead of Replace?


Labor Savings

Retrofit kits provide the finished appearance, performance, and energy savings as a brand new fixture in a fraction of the time it takes to take ceiling tiles out, remove the old fixture, cart it to the dumpster, and clean up the mess. 


Better Economics

Relight kits are a win-win! Contractors who use a lot of Relight kits have found that projects can be much more profitable since they have more control over their costs, taking maximum advantage of energy savings and rebates. 


More Sustainable

Customers are becoming more motivated to make sustainable choices. Retrofitting with a Relight kit transforms an out of date fixture into state of the art LED solution with far less waste, less fuel use, and overall much lower carbon footprint.


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