D-Series VC Area Luminaires

August 25, 2017 Tom Pierce

D-Series VC Will Change Your
Perspective on Area Lighting

The D-Series family of area luminaires sets a new standard for visually comfortable exterior lighting with a modern daytime and visually comfortable nighttime aesthetic. Available in both the Size 0 and Size 1 luminaires for pedestrian scale applications, the D-Series VC family features LED Light Guide technology with the innovative Lithonia® Transition Zone. This allows the luminous area surrounding the light source to minimize contrast ratios, providing a gentle, soothing visual experience. Furthermore, the visual comfort option maintains the sleek DSX design, which perfectly complements the entire D-Series family for a unified look throughout the entire site.

More quick facts about this product:

  • Industry’s most comprehensive design for visually comfortable area lighting
  • Available in two sizes to scale perfectly with pedestrian-oriented applications
  • DSX0 VC lumen packages up to 11,000 lumens
  • DSX1 VC lumen packages up to 16,000 lumens
  • Comprehensive suite of networked and integrated control options
  • Configure with Lithonia Transition Zone optic frame or optional flat bezel


Watch the D-Series VC Video!


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