A Decade of Success: An Update on the School District of Washington

In 2011, KE2Therm partnered with the School District of Washington by upgrading the refrigeration controls on their walk-in coolers and freezers, including the added functionality of  remote monitoring for 11 controllers across five locations. With this upgrade, the district saved energy costs with quick paybacks, as discussed in the original case study.

While talking with Glen Blade, the assistant buildings and grounds director at the School District of Washington, the district noticed several other factors that provide an even bigger payback since the new refrigeration & monitoring installations. 

The benefits the district has seen

In recent conversations, Glen confirmed the district continues to receive numerous benefits from the KE2Therm controllers installed at its locations. We spoke with Glen to discuss these benefits further, and this is what he had to say:

Reduced service parts costs

Before KE2Therm stepped in, the district had standard  temperature control and defrost devices on its walk-ins, which inevitably needed service attention every three to six months (found here). Glen noted a drastic reduction in compressor issues and overall parts replacements with KE2Therm’s refrigeration control and remote monitoring systems now in place. 

Reduced labor requirements

Repairs and maintenance consumed much of the time the district’s buildings and grounds crew spent before switching to more efficient control and remote monitoring. Since the switch, Glen’s team can focus on more pressing projects that were neglected before.

Reduced energy costs

Energy costs are continually rising; however, with KE2 Therm, the School District of Washington has been able to save on monthly energy bills. This cost reduction has benefited the distribution building with a heavy refrigeration load. The money saved on energy costs can be directed toward other vital student resources, creating a more sustainable educational environment.

Sizable reduction in food loss and increase in optimal food safety

Remote monitoring and controls notify users in real time of any leaks or ajar doors on a walk-in, rather than noticing the issue when all the food items begin  thawing, or frost builds up. With this technology, the district has not had to dispose of perfectly good food due to temperature changes in its walk-ins.  Remote monitoring has saved the district money and contributed to the fight against food waste within the foodservice industry.

Improved service call notification and speed of service with data logging

KE2Therm’s remote monitoring capabilities send alerts about any potential problems within seconds of the issue occurring. Glen shared,

The KE2Therm software alerts me when it loses connectivity, which means that the district could have fiber issues and/or network issues that need to be addressed.

Remote monitoring has saved the district from increased energy costs and food loss for the last 10+ years. Moreover, fast and accurate service notifications enable the school district to rectify any issues promptly, minimizing downtime and preventing further complications.

Don’t believe us? Here’s the data

Below is a table summarizing the benefits and savings that the School District of Washington has seen since partnering with KE2Therm.

Adapting to a changing world

As the world becomes more connected, it is crucial for organizations, including schools, to adapt to new technologies to stay efficient and competitive. KE2Therm’s adaptive refrigeration control and remote monitoring capabilities demonstrate how embracing innovative solutions can lead to numerous benefits and cost savings while giving their partners peace of mind with their commercial refrigeration and monitoring solutions.

KE2Therm is happy to report that our technology can save our customers thousands of dollars each year. We take great pride in the products and services we provide and the customer service that comes along with that. If you are ready to switch to remote monitoring to save on energy costs, service parts, and labor requirements, decrease food loss, and have fast and accurate service notifications, reach out to us today to get started!

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