2022 Dealer Design Award Winner

KE2 Therm is proud to have received the bronze 2022 Dealer Design Award in the commercial controls category for the KE2-Edge Manager (EM) Plus.

The KE2 Edge Manager Plus (KE2-EM Plus) is a multi-functional communications device designed to tie in all KE2 Therm controllers and wireless sensors at a location, as well as a growing number of 3rd party devices with open protocols.  It provides a dashboard of local devices, Wi-Fi access to connected devices, over a year of data logs & graphs, email & text alerts, remote access, and BACnet/IP integration.  This allows you to easily manage all of the refrigeration “edge” devices from a single screen.

Technicians can access the Wi-Fi of the KE2-EM Plus to view all controllers and sensors in real-time, view historic data, and change setpoints.  The KE2-EM Plus can also be connected to the existing network, allowing you to pull up the dashboard at any time from workstations or smart devices on the network, or have it displayed on a monitor or TV for continual monitoring.

Historic logs for connected devices are stored on the KE2-EM Plus itself; over a year of logs are available at a 15-minute interval (interval adjustable down to 1-minute).  Data from controllers, sensors, and 3rd party devices such as room temperature, humidity, superheat, suction pressure, and more can be graphed, exported, and downloaded.  This is useful for temperature audits as well as troubleshooting by technicians.

The KE2-EM Plus provides remote access to all controllers, sensors, and integrated 3rd party devices via the KE2 SmartAccess portal.  The communication is two-way, meaning users can view data and make changes to the devices remotely.  The remote access uses patented KE2 SmartAccess technology, which avoids requiring opening ports or specialized IT support on most networks.  Devices from multiple KE2-EM Plus units can be published to an overall remote dashboard, meaning the KE2-EM Plus is scalable from a single site with only a few devices to multiple sites with thousands of devices.

Email/text is also available from the KE2-EM Plus.  This provides peace of mind, and when combined with KE2 SmartAccess, allows immediate verification of the severity of the situation, as well as the state of the system.  This helps in determining the best course of action and urgency of the alarm.

For more information please contact your local authorized wholesaler, a KE2 Therm representative, or call/email us at 1-888-337-3358

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