Refrigeration Technology Lowers Your Total Cost of Ownership For Retrofit Configurations

August 15, 2022

Let’s break down the savings

The question remains: is spending a little bit more for refrigeration technology worth it or not?

While it adds some cost initially, let’s calculate how much it saves you.

In this post we’re going to show you the fantastic savings that you get with the right solution.

Why Now Is The Right Time To Consider Refrigeration Technology

It’s getting harder to run refrigeration equipment efficiently today.

In addition to the increasing electricity and service costs of operating refrigeration equipment, many applications are also prone to excessive frost build up, icing and other issues. These typical issues are further compounded by strained supply chains and the fact that service technicians are becoming increasingly scarce. When an issue that requires service tech attention arises, it’s hard to say how long you could be waiting. In some cases it’s days, if not weeks before your issue can be resolved.

The longer your system is not working properly, the more likely your inventory is to go to waste, or worse, your establishment can’t operate and must close until the issue is resolved.

Furthermore, even if your system is functioning properly, that doesn’t mean it’s running efficiently. Right now, energy prices are soaring so a more efficient system means more money directly into your pocket. Without the right control and monitoring system though, it’s difficult to determine what adjustments to make in order for your system to operate more efficiently.

What’s the easiest way to avoid these issues and put more money back in your pocket? Leverage the right control and monitoring solution to help your system run more efficiently and detect issues instantly.

With The Right Solution, The Benefits Are Clear

Overall, upgrading your refrigeration system will save you money and increase the return on your investment by mitigating the following issues that arise with new or existing equipment utilizing outdated refrigeration controls:

  • Energy usage is reduced with adaptive refrigeration controls
  • Real time monitoring of system operation allows for proactive, actionable alerts
  • Less money spent and time wasted on maintenance, parts, & service calls
  • Less inventory wasted when you can respond to outages immediately vs hours later
  • Industry shortage of service technicians affects you much less
  • Less downtime and outages – don’t be forced to close or not sell your product
  • Second-to-none service & support keeps your system running, when choosing KE2Therm Solutions for your refrigeration control and monitoring system

Comparing The Costs Of Operating a Freezer or Cooler With New Technology vs Old Technology

Typical 10’ x 12’ walk-in freezer

With KE2Therm Solutions

With The Usual Approach

System retrofit with KE2 Therm adaptive refrigeration control + labor



Energy Usage Savings (per month? year?) $0.10/kWh




Maintenance parts & service


$300+ / year

Inventory wasted (cost) /

Outages and closures


$500+ per year average (multiple walk-ins per end user)

Industry service tech shortage impact / Service response time

Reduction of overtime service costs


Overtime costs +$50/hour for emergency calls, average 2 calls, extra 2 hours per call ($200)

(icing impact?) Service related calls for icing issues


(quote from fast food franchise)

TCO in the first year


$2,500 +

Yearly ROI after the first year

Earn $600 per year

Costs you $2,500 per year

Peace of mind refrigeration



Here’s The Bottom Line

A one-time $2,000 dollar cost quickly pays itself back, especially if you consider a $3,100 per year cost differential:

  • Earn $600 per year with the right control and monitoring solution (thanks to less energy usage)
  • Spend $2,500 per year without the right control and monitoring solution

Have questions about your current system or an upcoming project? Reach out to KE2Therm Solutions to discuss your best options.

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