How to harness the savings of efficient refrigeration solutions

August 5, 2022

A steady increase of technology over the last decade has affected all areas of our day to day activities. With so many different options out there, it can be a tough decision on what technology suits the needs of your company best. The main priority for every business owner is, what is the most cost efficient yet effective solution to my problem?

When dealing with commercial refrigeration, it can seem as if the cheaper option is the way to go. However, a cheap cost upfront can cost you in the long run. 

Here at KE2Therm, we offer high quality products in order to sustain your needs in the long run, not just a cheap fix that is not able to effectively meet the daily challenges related to dynamic commercial refrigeration systems.  

Determine if new refrigeration technology is worth it and how to select the best product for your configuration

What’s changed

The operation and servicing of Commercial refrigeration equipment has been largely the same for decades often with issues that are not even apparent, but costly. However, new technology is enabling incredible savings with your refrigeration, while other marketplace shifts make it essential to switch. 

The refrigeration industry is experiencing a growing  scarcity in knowledgeable service technicians. Because of this, any minor issue with your equipment could sit there for weeks, maybe months without being resolved. With KE2Therm, our support system is proactive and able to quickly assist technicians to pop in at any point to trouble-shoot and fix issues with your refrigeration system, allowing your facility to continue business as usual with no road blocks. 

Icing is a huge problem in the commercial and  industrial refrigeration industry. This can create a number of issues from slip and fall accidents for employees to thousands of dollars in product loss if the refrigeration system can’t function properly. These are no longer an issue with KE2Therm solutions. With our high quality products and remote monitoring capabilities, we can mitigate this problem before it affects your company. 

The common misconception is that new technology is too expensive and often lacks the right technical support, but this is not the case. Investing in state of the art products may be more money upfront, but you will save your company way more money in the long run by not having to keep up with maintenance and faulty equipment. Investing in your equipment instead of going with the “cheapest” option will lead to a positive ROI for your business. (see comparison chart below)

Impact of not upgrading your equipment

Choosing to not invest in upgraded technology impacts your top and bottom line. Outdated equipment is less energy efficient, costing you more and more money each month. It is also harder and slower to receive quality assistance, leaving you with run down equipment longer than anticipated. Unplanned outages have incredible revenue impacts that are often avoidable with small technology upgrades.

What you can do about this

Easy upgrades make a world of difference! Depending on the state of your current equipment, you may only need to invest in remote monitoring or upgrading your current temperature controls.. 

Being proactive is key. By investing now, you are saving yourself time, money, and headache for when your old technology inevitably fails.

The Right Technology Makes Technicians Look Great

We encourage refrigeration equipment suppliers,  wholesalers, dealers, and contractors to pass this information along to their customers. Outlining the substantial difference this small change can make in taking their business to the next level. 

Our hope is that the end-user is able to reap the benefits outlined in our comparison chart below and notice the cost is minimally extra in consideration of your full refrigeration system. 

Breaking down the savings

Overall, upgrading your refrigeration system will save you money and allow for an increase in ROI by mitigating the following issues that arise with new or existing equipment utilizing outdated refrigeration controls:

  • Energy usage is improved with better control and monitoring 
  • Less maintenance, parts, & service
  • Less inventory waste when you can respond to outages immediately vs hours later
  • Industry shortage of service technicians affects you much less 
  • Less downtime and outages – don’t be forced to close or not sell product
  • Second to none, service and support keeps you going no matter what! 

Price comparison: New technology vs the old way

Typical 10’ x 12’ walk-in freezer
With KE2Therm Solutions With The Usual Approach
Refrigeration system cost

+$600 (new equipment, includes reduced installation cost) 

+$2,000 (retrofit)

Energy Usage Savings (per month? year?)



Maintenance parts & service $0 $300+ / year

Inventory wasted (cost) /

Outages and closures 

$0 $500+ per year average (multiple walk-ins per end user)

Industry service tech shortage impact / Service response time

Reduction of overtime service costs

$0 Overtime costs +$50/hour for emergency calls, average 2 calls, extra 2 hours per call ($200)
(icing impact?) Service related calls for icing issues $0 $1,500+
(quote from fast food franchise)
TCO in the first year $0 (New) 
$1,400 (retrofit)
$2,500 + new or existing
Yearly ROI after the first year Earn $600 per year Costs you $2,500 per year

Reach out to us here at KE2Therm if you are interested in upgrading your current technology! We are able to help you find the best solution to fit the needs of your company.

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