IOTA Low Profile Emergency Drivers for Enclosed and Gasketed Luminaires

August 25, 2023 Daren Hatfield

Low Profile Emergency Driver Solutions for Enclosed and Gasketed Fixtures

Did you know IOTA® ILBLP Low Profile Emergency Drivers are suitable for use in enclosed and gasketed luminaires? Integral-mount (non-flex) ILBLP units can be safely installed within these enclosed luminaire types. 

IOTA ILBLP Low Profile emergency drivers utilize lithium battery technology which feature a minimal enclosure size, making them ideal solutions for these types of integral applications. 

UPDATE! The latest addition to the ILBLP product - the ILBLP CP07 - includes a unique low-profile stainless steel test switch that is IP-rated and suitable for installation on the exterior of enclosed and gasketed luminaires. Learn more about the ILBLP CP07 here.


Additional advantages of the ILBLP Series include:

  • 10W and 15W Constant Power options for non-diminishing emergency illumination
  • Wide forward-voltage ranges to meet most any application
  • Automatic monthly and annual self-diagnostics
  • Certified for use in California Title 20 applications

Other emergency driver solutions for enclosed and gasketed fixtures include our integral-mount ILBHI emergency drivers for 347-480VAC input applications.

You can find the full ILBLP and ILBHI Emergency Driver details here:
ILBLP Series for Class 2 Luminaires
ILBHI Series for 347-480VAC
ILBLP HV and ILBHI HV Series for non-Class 2 Luminaires


For more information on these or other IOTA emergency lighting solutions, visit or contact us at

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