Proportional Fan Control on IOTA DLS Chargers

November 3, 2023 Daren Hatfield

IOTA DLS Battery Chargers and Power Converters feature Proportional Fan Control. What is Proportional Fan Control? This feature provides automatic control of the DLS cooling mechanism during operation so the fan on the DLS unit will turn at a speed that is proportional to the temperature of the unit.

When the unit is not operating at peak capacity, the fan will be off or spinning slowly. During heavier duty cycles, the fan will increase speed to keep the internal components at allowable operating temperatures.

Proportional fan operation provides two key benefits:

  • Helps ensure that the fan is cooling components effectively during high-usage periods. This promotes longer service life of your DLS charger.
  • Eliminates sudden start-up noise. The DLS fan will only activate as temperature demands it and at the necessary speed to maintain nominal temps, keeping fan noise to a minimum. This is especially useful when users wish to avoid disruptive mechanical noises within a recreational vehicle or trailers.

Proportional Fan Control is a standard feature on all IOTA DLS battery chargers and power converters.

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