Innovative Thinking From Our Participants

October 2, 2018


Our contest inspired innovative thinking from our participants! Check out some of the ways IoT inspires you! We’re already hard at work to bring many of them to you!

Our Winning Entry!

“Moms could get a bracelet to put on their child in a store, and if they were separated they could track them with the fixtures.”

Other thought-provoking entries!

“When a customer browses a store and spends time in a certain area, send a message with products that other people like in that area… So when I am in a store, I can see which areas people like. It’s like Yelp inside Target.”

“ATM/bank building security lighting for location of individuals when approaching.”

“I envision streetlights that only turn on with motion of a person or vehicle, but also turn on a few other lights around it and record the traffic via the network for analysis.”

“In a warehouse environment, having asset tracking on materials that directly integrates with SAP. This helps determine exact quantities and locations.”

“Use indoor positioning for parking garages: as soon as you check-in at the gate, you’re assigned a spot, marked by a color. The fixtures guide you to your spot by changing to that specific color. When returning to your car, the fixtures track your position as you walk, giving you the same colored path as you first entered.”

Thanks for your creativity!

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