Phunware Adds Atrius™ IoT Indoor Positioning Solution to Its Mapping, Navigation and Wayfinding Offering

January 3, 2018

Phunware, an enterprise mobile software company, has joined the Atrius™ Internet of Things (IoT) partner ecosystem. Phunware will be adding the Atrius Navigator software development kit (SDK) to its indoor positioning technology offerings, providing customers an innovative, energy-efficient option to support Phunware's hardware-agnostic location capabilities.

Phunware currently provides an indoor wayfinding solution, available on both Apple® iOS and Android(TM) operating systems, which can be embedded within a fully configurable Phunware-managed native app or within a customer's existing app via Phunware's Mapping and Location SDKs. By becoming an Atrius IoT Partner, Phunware is now able to offer customers an additional supported indoor positioning service (IPS) with increased reliability and centimeter-level precision, increased energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

The Atrius Sensory Network, including luminaires enabled with Atrius, features embedded Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) and Visible Light Communication (VLC) technologies acting as all-in-one access points for indoor and adjacent outdoor environments. Phunware's customers are expected to benefit from using the Atrius IoT platform for indoor positioning because the communication technology is embedded in LED luminaires, eliminating the need for additional hardware components such as stand-alone beacons that require separate installation, maintenance, and power. Read More


Atrius Platform Services Leveraged : Atrius Navigator - Indoor Positioning Services

Markets served: Aviation, Retail, Healthcare, Entertainment, Residential, Shopping Centers



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