Arora Technology Group is Flying High, with the Atrius™ IoT Platform

September 19, 2017

Just look at all the “things” being transformed by our Atrius™ Internet of Things platform!

Arora Technology Group – which serves many industries, including aviation, is using our Atrius Navigator Platform Service with their ATLAS platform to develop indoor positioning and location based services that will significantly advance the future of intelligent infrastructure in airports across the country.  

Atrius Navigator is our software development kit (SDK) that enables location-based (LBS) and indoor positioning services (IPS) in mobile applications. Navigator uses data from the Atrius Sensory Network to enable applications that help redefine visitor journeys and enhance business operations.

The Atrius Sensory Network is powered by luminaires enabled with Atrius, featuring embedded Visible Light Communication (VLC) or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, acting as an all-in-one technology and network deployment for indoor and adjacent outdoor environments.

The beauty of Atrius as an IoT platform for indoor positioning is that the technology embedded in the LED luminaires captures the required data within a wide range of facilities, so it’s not necessary to have additional components like stand-alone beacons that require separate installation, maintenance or power.

Airport managers use Arora’s ATLAS platform to improve operations, based on an analysis of the data it collects from an airport’s building systems, passenger boarding bridges and other connected IoT networks. By integrating Atrius into the mix, ATLAS can now tap into a vast array of other sensors, devices and indoor positioning services that would otherwise have been excluded from its database.

Stay tuned for updates on our relationship with Arora, as well as other interesting ways our partners are using Atrius in their IoT applications. 

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