An Innovation Journey Resulting in Frost & Sullivan's Recognition

July 10, 2018

When Acuity Brands embarked upon the innovation journey to create the Atrius brand, we were driven initially by customer insight. A customer needed a solution, and as an enterprise, we are a strategic partner for our customers. From a lighting perspective, it is not uncommon for us to create a custom fixture for our lighting clients.


So, why was Atrius so different?

First off, our client did not ask us to create an IoT platform 3 years ago. The ask was much smaller, more in line with needing something to help with building spaces. Navigation. But, our leadership team saw a bigger opportunity with the market ripe for digital solutions and providers who could apply decades of experience to new markets. These new markets had new players who did not have the LEAN manufacturing experience nor the metal test of enduring generations of demanding innovation needs – to meet the ongoing and evolving focuses of customers and partners.

Secondly, our decades of experience allowed us to see where the market was going. We had begun two previous transformations, and this seemed like a new avenue to embark upon our third. By expanding the ask, we created AtriusTM IoT solutions that are now transforming connected buildings into smart businesses.


Frost & Sullivan Recognition

Frost & Sullivan recently recognized Atrius' smart lighting infrastructure for amplifying business performance and human experience with indoor positioning, wayfinding, asset tracking, spatial analytics, and space utilization services. Today, Atrius is deploying full-scale IoT applications in more than 160 million square feet of indoor spaces.

Adrian Drozd, the Research Director ICT Europe at Frost & Sullivan stated that "Atrius-ready solutions ensure the highest quality combined with energy-efficient and low-maintenance features; thus, enabling remarkable savings opportunities by providing the sensory network data needed for IoT services."

From a single customer request to a full-blown solution, I am very proud of the innovation and teamwork from Acuity Brands employees who have made this award possible.


About Lee Lichlyter

Vice President, AtriusTM IoT Product Management at Acuity Brands, Inc.


Lee Lichlyter has spent his career in emerging technologies, innovating the path of technology for over 30 years in C-level positions for Fortune 500 organizations, technology firms and startups across various industries. He has a demonstrated track record as an innovator, leading initiatives for geospatial consulting, emerging technology markets, SaaS and indoor positioning products. He has a passion for driving teams and organizations to perform to their fullest potential. Lee currently serves as Vice President of IoT Product Management for Acuity Brands, where he manages the teams who oversee the full life cycle of the Atrius IoT offering, from strategy and development to launch, support and future innovations.   

“Atrius is a partner to customers who share our vision for turning their buildings into strategic assets through the use of IoT technology.”

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