TunnelPass LED Medium

April 16, 2018 Tom Pierce

TunnelPass LED Family Expands with New Luminaire

The Holophane® TunnelPass LED Medium now joins it's elder and larger sibling to bring an even more powerful and differentiated solution for tunnel and underpass applications.

Designed to replace 100-400W HPS incumbents, this new tunnel luminaire offers 9 lumen packages in multiple distributions, including a new dedicated underpass distribution. Robust construction and prismatic glass provide durability and visual comfort while 20kV/10kA surge protection extends reliability and longevity. Multiple mounting options, controls options, programmable drivers, and more help make the new TunnelPass LED Medium the most versatile tunnel & underpass solution available on the market today.

Quick facts that you need to know about this product:

  • Replaces 100-400W HPS luminaires
  • Nine lumen packages from 6,300 to 36,800 lumens
  • Choice of 5 distributions including new dedicated Underpass Distribution
  • 20kV/10kA "Extreme" surge protection with indicator light
  • 3000K, 4000K and 5000K CCT and 70 CRI
  • Programmable drivers for flexibility and energy savings
  • L70 LED and driver life greater than 100,000 hours
  • Through-wire raceway for continuous straight wiring installations
  • Smaller, low profile footprint and weight with 3G rated construction
  • Wall or ceiling mount configurations with adjustable tilt-mount bracket
  • Available with integral NYX HEMERA or ECHELON control modules. DALI drivers also available. Consult with your Holophane sales rep to define details.

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