The Bold Properties of High-Bay LED Lights

August 15, 2017 Neil Egan

The longer a warehouse high-bay light lasts, the fewer times you have to change it.

And the fewer times you have to change it -- whether by scrambling up a 20-foot step ladder or ascending 50 feet on a scaffold -- the less likelihood of accident or injury.

That’s no laughing matter. According to a recent report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics1, the second leading cause of work-related fatalities is “falls, slips and trips.” While there is no data to indicate what role the replacement of burned-out luminaires plays in those statistics, it stands to reason that fewer high-bay lighting maintenance requests equals fewer injuries and deaths. Especially given the fact that 77 percent of fatal falls occur from heights of 11 feet or more. ​

Experienced facility managers know that replacing light fixtures at high ceiling altitudes is not only risky, but time consuming and expensive, as well. So why put your crew through this unnecessary risk?

There you have it – another compelling reason to convert your current high-bay lighting technology to LED. High-quality, high-bay LED lighting solutions can last 100,000 hours or more before the luminaires need replacement. Even with 24/7 usage, that’s roughly 10 maintenance-free years.  Conversely, HID lighting or fluorescent lighting may last as little as 1/6th of that time before you have to roll out the ladders.

Enhancing Safety … and more

Add in other tangible LED benefits, like substantial energy savings of at least 50 percent and much higher quality of light, and LED lighting becomes a no-brainer for almost any commercial or industrial setting – especially high-ceiling warehouses or manufacturing plants. Because LED high-bays always promise a longer life than traditional light sources, they minimize, too, any maintenance-related costs (such as components, labor and lost production time).

Further, installing automated high-bay lighting controls can dim the lights, and turn them on and off, based on the time of day, available daylight, occupancy and load shedding events. That way, you can be sure to further reduce energy usage by as much as 80 percent, stay compliant with building energy codes, and save precious time.

Our most popular high-bay product, I-BEAM® LED high-bay, can be easily complemented with integrated controls and sensor options, such as occupancy, photos and dimming. This package further reduces energy costs and help extend the life of the fixture.

Take the first step today. Click here to learn more about the many benefits of LED lighting and how upgrading can help reduce costs, improve employee productivity, and enhance safety for your entire workforce.


1 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey, Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, 2016.

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