November 8, 2021 Joshua Polgardi

Maximum Comfort with Elegant Style

The Lithonia Lighting® VCVL LED (Visually Comfortable Versatile Luminaire) creates the quality of light you want, where and when you need it – all in one architecturally striking design. With its good looks, flexible mounting options, low initial cost, and high efficacy, you can install it anywhere and stay within your budget.  

Comfortable and Versatile

What you get with VCVL:

  • Architectural Styling: simple yet striking form that works with any style or building design
  • Light Guide Technology: eliminates glare associated with LED pixelation
  • Functional Mounting Options: so you can install them in any style of building or architecture
  • Up-Light Option: enhances the open look and feel of any space
  • Versatile Optical Selection: your choice of four distributions and lumen packages ranging from 3,800 – 16,500 lumens
  • High Efficacy: up to 145 LPW for superior energy savings (add networked controls for even more savings!)

Why VCVLX is the Ultimate

With VCVLX, you get all the benefits of VCVL, plus:

  • Deeper Recessed Lens: further eliminates all high-angle light associated with glare
  • Patented Transition Zone: reduces the contrast ratio between source and surroundings

Quick Links

VCVL  Product Page | Specification Sheet | Sell Sheet

VCVL Ultimate Product Page | Specification Sheet | Sell Sheet

For more information, please contact our Product Manager:

Sri Baddela | (770) 731-3351 |

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