New! DeSoto™ DSL3 & DSL46 Industrial LED Emergency Lights for Wet and Damp Environments

December 30, 2019 Ryan Pierce

The DSL3DSL3REDSL46, and DSL4XRE Industrial families of products are now available. These significantly improved, industry leading products bring the latest in LED optical performance, battery technology, circuit board design, input and charging circuitry, and embedded software. All are tested and approved to the toughest internal, industry, and Life Safety standards.

Key Improvements and features include:

  • 50% to 80% optical performance improvements utilizing ABL standard high-volume LEDs
  • Three LED lumen packages to accommodate virtually any mounting and spacing requirements
  • Standard temperature ratings of 32-122°F (0-50°C) with Cold Weather Options to meet -22 to 122°F (-30 to 50°C)
  • Standard premium electronics package with lithium iron phosphate batteries, self-diagnostics and remote testing, and constant light output
  • Three battery capacities for running remote loads or achieving extended run-times
  • We are taking orders of the DeSoto™ M802 and M90X through the end of January (1/31/2020)
  • Check out the DM802 – DSL3 / DM90X – DSL46 Old-to-New Crossover information on the website

Helpful Links:

DSL3 & DSL46 Spec Sheet

DSL3 & DSL46 Sell Sheet

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