Lithonia Lighting® Presents an Extreme Make-Over of the JCBL LED High Bay

August 28, 2018 Heather Nemeth

With its round form and versatility, the JCBL LED high bay allows you to maintain a traditional look while taking advantage of advancements in controls technology.

In addition to the appearance changes, the new version also provides the following key features:

  • Improved performance: Up to 160+ LPW
  • Wide lumen package range: 7 options from 9,000LM to 36,000LM
  • Control options for a single fixture or entire space: 0-10V dimming standard, Bluetooth® Programmable Sensor, nLight® wired and nLight® AIR wireless

The JCBL round LED high bay has a lot to offer to meet the needs of any application including retail, warehousing, gymnasiums and manufacturing!

Helpful Links to the product information:

JCBL LED High Bay: Web Page | Specification Sheet | Sell Sheet | FAQ

Bluetooth® Programmable Sensor
SBG BTP Wireless Sensor: Web Page | Presentation
VLP Mobile App: Web Page | Sell Sheet | FAQ | User Guide | Configuration Video

nLight® AIR Wired
nLight®: Web Page | Resources

nLight® AIR Wireless
nLight® AIR: Web Page | Brochure | Video
CLAIRITY Pro Mobile App: Specification Sheet | App Download

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