Warehouse Lighting Upgrade Surprises Preferred Freezer with Better Quality of Light - Acuity Brands

March 15, 2016

Preferred Freezer upgraded their facilities to new cold storage warehouse LED lighting from Acuity Brands and saw productivity gains & safety benefits. For more, visit: https://www.acuitybrands.com/solutions/industrial Preferred Freezer Services upgraded the lighting system across their nationwide facilities to LED and LED cold storage lighting from Acuity Brands. The difference in before and after the change was clear right away. However, they were surprised at the positive impact the new warehouse led lighting had on employees in addition to the cost benefits for the company. Providing a better quality of light helped the team pick faster, maneuver better, and supported cleanliness goals and safety requirements. To see the full story and learn more about Industrial Lighting, visit: https://www.acuitybrands.com/industrial For more on Acuity Brands Warehouse Lighting & LED Cold Storage Lighting Solutions, visit: https://www.acuitybrands.com/solutions/industrial/warehouse

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