Vantage LED High Bay for Food Safety Upgraded

March 15, 2018 Heather Nemeth

Vantage LED has been upgraded with more lumens, better efficacy, the right listing and more features than ever.  Some of the key feature additions include an integral emergency battery pack option and side cord entry.  Also, we are first in the industry to have a NSF approved occupancy sensor.  Vantage LED what you need for food processing and IP rated areas where glass is not needed.

The Vantage LED overhaul includes the following primary changes

  • Increased ambient temperature range (55°C)
  • More lumen packages (6 packages – up to 32,000)
  • Integral emergency battery pack
  • 347/480V wireless controls
  • NSF approved occupancy sensor
  • Higher Lumens Per Watt (up to 156 LPW)
  • Side entry cord
  • More color temperatures and CRI options
  • More surge protection
  • More listings

Helpful Tools:

Web Page | Specification Sheet | Brochure

For additional questions, contact the product director, Justin Moon |

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