TunnelPass LED Large gets Gen 2 Upgrade

February 28, 2019 Tom Pierce

TunnelPass LED Large Gets Game-changing Gen 2 Upgrades

Since its original release back in 2013, the Holophane TunnelPass LED Large has been building a reputation as the industry’s best solution for reliable, high-performance LED tunnel lighting. Then, in 2018 the TunnelPass family grew with a new smaller sibling, the TunnelPass LED Medium. Now the Tunnelpass LED Large has reached the next evolution in tunnel lighting with a new Gen 2 upgrade!


What's New with the TNLED2?

  • New LED engine… the original COB engine has been replaced with high-density modules raising the max lumens by 95% for up to 58,000 lumens!
  • Enhanced controls capability…  means you can now have up to 3 drivers while simultaneously integrating internal NYX HYMERA control systems
  • Adjustable mount wall bracket… added to provide up 45 degrees of tilt for even more application flexibility (factory pre-configured)
  • New voltage capabilities… IAH voltage option has been added (internal transformer for to protect 277V input when derived from 480V-WYE)
  • Enhanced reliability due to revisions that now pass 50°C testing and nylon isolation washers to mitigate mounting corrosion

Other Important Features of the TNLED2

  • Up to 50% energy savings expected when replacing 250-1,000W HID luminaires
  • L70 LED and driver life greater than 100,000 hours
  • Borosilicate prismatic glass lens for durability, permanence, and glare control
  • Robust design with IP66 rating and 3G vibration rating
  • Low copper 360 alloy castings, anodized pre-treat and paint finish designed to meet a 9,000 hour salt fog rating
  • Product ships complete with “standard” or “adjustable tilt” mounting brackets attached to aid in the installation of the product by one installer
  • Multiple lighting distributions to include ceiling counterbeam, long and narrow, and wall mount crossbeam

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