Prismatic Lanterns Upgraded for Gen3 Performance and Capabilities

January 28, 2022 Tom Pierce

Holophane® Prismatic Lanterns portfolio receives Gen3 LED Upgrades with new distributions and electronics

The Prismatic LED Post-top Lanterns portfolio from Holophane has just been upgraded to provide improved energy-saving performance and other exciting enhancements to the product line. A new Gen 3 light engine boasts a huge performance boost over the previous gen 2 product. This means you can now choose lumen packages from 3,000 to 11,600 lumens with up to 128 LPW. The LED Lanterns portfolio from Holophane provides a simplified, energy-saving lighting experience that helps you to greatly reduce operational costs and carbon footprint

In addition to increased performance the Prismatic Lanterns family offers a new Type V optic in borosilicate glass for a visually comfortable solution in area lighting applications. (Note the polycarbonate optics have been discontinued)

In addition to increased performance the Utility Lanterns portfolio offers unparalleled internal component protection. From 20kV/10kA surge protection to the XVOLT driver platform, lanterns from Holophane receive maximum protection from surges, dropped neutrals and other dirty power issues that can take out your lighting network.

In addition to the DLL or DSN nodes from DTL®, you can now add the nLight® AIR rTLN node to the list of advanced controls options available for enhanced energy savings, monitoring and asset management.

Why Choose Prismatic Lanterns from Holophane?

  • 30-100W LED to replace 50-250W HPS
  • Performance packages from 3,000-11,600 lumens and up to 128 lumens per watt
  • Choose from glass or acrylic prismatic optics
  • Type III and V distributions for roadway and area
  • Visually comfortable 2700K-4000K CCT
  • Utility-friendly features available such as tool-less entry door and pre-wired 3-stage terminal block 
  • DALI driver option
  • 20kV/10kA extreme surge protection standard
  • XVOLT tank driver option for protection against dropped neutral and other dirty power issues
  • 20-year service life with lumen maintenance of up to 84% at 100,000 hours
  • Adjustable lumen output at each pole with optional FAO module
  • Six standard colors and a variety of custom colors available
  • Advanced controls compatibility including DTL® DLL Elite 20-yr photocontrol or nLight® AIR wireless networking

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