On the Road Again with Industrial!

September 7, 2021 Tom Pierce

While the Pandemic forced the nation into lockdown, Holophane® continued to introduce exciting new solutions to the industrial market.

As COVID vaccines prevail, lockdowns are being lifted and public confidence is being restored, so Industrial customers are returning to a much more “normal” state of business. You’re probably already starting to engage with more in-person sales calls and meetings again, so let’s make sure you remember all the great Industrial and Life Safety products we have recently released. 

Exciting solutions launched during the pandemic...

HLDM™ with Care222® Technology
You can now get cutting edge UV disinfection technology for a variety of industrial spaces! 
Get all the Info on HLDM

Tiltable, Not Typical! Introducing the NEW Phuzion® PHV™ High Bay from Holophane.
As the most adjustable high bay in the industry, the PHV was engineered with tilting capability for maximum flexibility. With up to 60,000 lumens and nLight® AIR wireless controls the PHV is an unrivaled solution for a wide variety of applications.
Discover the New PHV

PHZ, PHZL and Vantage are NOW AVAILABLE with the IOTA ETS Emergency Control Device
The upgraded PHZ, PHZL, and Vantage fixtures with IOTA ETS now allow local switch and /or 0-10V dimming control of designated emergency luminaires when emergency power is provided by a generator or inverter. And, it promotes energy savings by eliminating the need for always-on fixtures and the luminaires will operate at full light output.
PHZ PHZL Vantage

Introducing the Upgraded Phuzion PHG High Bay!
Elevate your outdated HID or fluorescent lighting upgraded Phuzion PHG LED high bay. The upgraded PHG creates an environment that is comfortably lit, protected from contaminants, and is virtually maintenance-free.
Get to Know Phuzion PHG

nLIght® AIR Now Available in Petrolux® and Phuzion Families
New advanced and networked controls are now available for both the Petrolux and Phuzion families of premium industrial lighting solutions from Holophane.
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Upgraded Vantage® LED with XVOLT and nLight AIR
The Best food processing round high bay gets even better with power like never before. The Vantage LED now has been upgraded and improved with the addition of the new XVOLT tank driver and nLight AIR controls.
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Get Connected with your High Bays!
Highly anticipated nLight AIR controls options are now ready to order for the PHZ and PHZL Phuzion family of industrial lighting solutions from Holophane.
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The Petrolux PXHH LED Hazardous High Bay is Now Available
When you need a fixture for higher mounting heights, the UL listed PXHH LED round high bay with battery pack is the feature-packed solution for hazardous environments
Get to Know Petrolux PXHH

Tough Just got Tougher… EMXH Hazardous Low Bay is Now Available!
The EMXH hazardous LED linear low bay brings new levels of durability and design to heavy industrial applications. With high-performance listings and impressive specifications, this high abuse, high heat, high seal fixture is perfect for the toughest environments imaginable.
Dig into the EMXH

Cortez™ Indoor LED Emergency Products Now Available!
The Holophane Cortez family of products have been reimagined.  Setting a new standard for applications requiring attractive, quick-installation, low energy consumption Life Safety lighting that goes well beyond simply "meeting code".
Why Choose Cortez LED?

Cortez LED Emergency Remotes Are Here!
With improvements in spacing and optical performance, the Quantum® series of wet location remotes allows for fewer products to get the job done, reducing the total product needed and lowering installation time and costs.
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Introducing the XVOLT Tank Driver for Petrolux PXLW and PXHW Families
The robust XVOLT driver solution recently launched in the Phuzion families is now available in PXLW and PXHW to help with applications that may be more prone to power quality issues or drop neutral conditions.
Explore the Power of XVOLT

Stylish Emergency Lighting with Cortez CZAFP and CZAFB
The Cortez LED emergency lights by Holophane are stylish and equally durable for indoor and outdoor use. These sconce-like emergency lights are compact, architecturally designed and suitable for cold and wet weather exposure.
More News on Cortez

Introducing the Tank Driver for Phuzion PHZ and PHZL Families  
The robust XVOLT driver solution recently launched in the Phuzion families is now available in PXLW and PXHW to help with applications that may be more prone to power quality issues or drop neutral conditions. The XVOLT driver supports a 277-480 voltage range and is 6kV surge rated.  
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Introducing the HRTC - Where Versatility Meets Performance
HRTC LED is the most adaptable, reliable and efficient strip light fixture available. Built on the classic C-Strip chassis and designed for extremely high and efficient output, the HRTC is ideal for both new construction and retrofit installations and can be used in industrial, commercial, manufacturing, warehouse or display applications.
More about the HRTC

EMS LED Linear Now with More Options and Improved Pricing!  
Higher lumen packages, a 2-foot version, and competitive pricing make the updated EMS even more awesome than ever before. EMS now offers up to 24,000 lumens with packages up to 170LPW.
Explore the Power of EMS LED

You asked, we answered! Petrolux Top Cap Adapter Ring now in Hazardous 
The Petrolux PXLW Top Cap Adapter is the perfect retrofit solution for common HID fixtures. With the PXLW adapter, there is no need to rewire and replace the entire fixture.  In just a few minutes, you can simply use the existing conduit and top cap to install the adapter for an energy efficient LED upgrade.
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There you have it… a LOT of exciting new products that have barely seen the light of day over the past year due to the pandemic. But tomorrow is a new day, and the future is bright. So contact your Holophane sales representative or utility sales agent today to learn more as we all get back “On the Road Again”!!!


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