New Mongoose LED Family Page

May 11, 2020 Tom Pierce

The Mongoose® LED Solution Set

The Holophane® Mongoose LED family provides a complete set of outdoor lighting solutions for everything from high-speed roadways to parking lots or outdoor work areas. With two versatile models to choose from, you can obtain robust solutions with up to 65,000 lumens, versatile mounting options and industry-leading lighting controls. To better acquaint you with the breadth of features and benefits provided by this family we have introduced an informative and helpful new tool...

Mongoose LED Family Page

Be advised that we have just released a new Mongoose LED family web page to include the new MGLEDM Medium along with the upgraded MGLED Large. This exciting new tool tells a comprehensive and compelling story about the Mongoose family through the use of powerful new tools and imagery such as 360 degree virtual spins. This technology allows you to see each model from almost any angle in a wide variety of configurations.

Visit the new Mongoose LED family page today at



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